Nik Sullivan

Operations Manager

Acumen Legal Marketing

Nik Sullivan is the Operations Manager of Acumen Legal Marketing. He oversees the services offered by Acumen and helps attorneys with client acquisition through direct mail and digital services.

Nik’s enthusiasm for problem-solving and driven mindset prove to be an effective combination for client success. In addition to his personable nature, Nik also possesses skills in data analysis and web development that allow him to wear many hats in his role.

Nik earned his bachelor’s degree from the University of Pittsburgh and his master’s in information technology from Virginia Tech. In his free time, he enjoys hiking, weightlifting, programming, and is a self-described philomath.


Our Precise Principles

  • Provide unparalleled support
  • Reform the process
  • Employ creative thinking
  • Consult, define and execute
  • Identify and resolve challenges
  • Simplify with innovation
  • Earn our clients’ trust