Erin Marks

Marketing Director

Precise, Inc.

Erin Marks is the Marketing Director of Precise, Inc. She has been with the company since 2005, initially as a trial graphics designer and later leading the marketing department. Her dedication and hard work have contributed to Precise’s growth and success, allowing the company to navigate through mergers, structural changes, and evolving communication strategies in business.

When not hard at work, Erin enjoys cooking with her husband, cheering on her two delightful boys from the soccer sidelines, and walking with her giant floofy pup, Ringo.

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Phone: 412-281-8699 ext. 104

Our Precise Principles

  • Provide unparalleled support
  • Reform the process
  • Employ creative thinking
  • Consult, define and execute
  • Identify and resolve challenges
  • Simplify with innovation
  • Earn our clients’ trust