Litigation management consulting
The goal of litigation management consulting is to help litigators take the information gathered during discovery and turn it into a dynamic, cohesive, and logical courtroom presentation. Every litigator knows that a successful outcome at trial hinges on whether their presentation was clearly understood. The more complex the case, the more crucial clarity becomes. At Precise our in-house team of trial consultants, legal videographers, graphic artists, medical illustrators, and courtroom technicians have the skills and experience to turn even the most complex cases into smooth, powerful courtroom presentations.

The Tools in Our Litigation Management Consulting Arsenal

  • Animations – Some information can be hard to fully grasp without being able to visualize it – for example, the chain of events that lead to an accident or how a mechanical failure occurred. Trial animations help jurors understand the evidence by presenting it in a visually engaging format that they are familiar with. Animations can also be slowed down, paused, and replayed during both trial and jury deliberations, allowing your evidence to be viewed multiple times for maximum effect.
  • Medical illustrations – While medical images such as X-rays, CT scans, and MRIs are a great way to communicate information to physicians and radiologists, to the average juror they are just a confusing pattern of black and white. Medical illustrations add clarity to these images, preserving the information while presenting it in a memorable, easy-to-understand format.
  • Trial graphics – Sometimes the sheer volume of information an attorney needs to present can be daunting. Trial graphics help control the flow of information, allowing you to present the evidence at a measured pace in an easy-to-follow format. Trial graphics also help you highlight and reinforce key information without it becoming dull and repetitive. Keeping jurors engaged is essential during complex cases.
  • Specialty videoVideo is an extremely powerful medium for delivering information. Day-in-the-life videos demonstrate injuries and explain the damages involved with a case more effectively than words and documents. Suspect/Perspective videos can help jurors understand and appreciate the perspective of witnesses, including drivers, pedestrians, and bystanders, adding clarity to witness testimony.
  • Interactive depositions – Expert testimony is often key to a case, but it also can be dull, confusing, and hard to follow. Interactive depositions add clarity to key testimony by allowing witnesses to interact with exhibits on the screen, allowing jurors to clearly see what the witness is referencing in their testimony. This helps hold jurors’ attention while deepening their understanding of the testimony.

For Expert Litigation Management Consulting, Call Precise

At Precise, we have helped law firms of all sizes navigate complex cases with our suite of litigation support services and expert courtroom support. If your case can benefit from a technology-driven, powerful presentation, call Precise today: 866-277-3247.