Legal project management
Anyone who has studied business is well acquainted with project management principles: to plan, organize, secure, manage, and control resources to achieve specific goals. If you have experienced the explosion of eDiscovery in recent years, you are likely dreaming of bringing order to the chaos. Legal project management applies practical business principles to eDiscovery, helping reduce costs and increase productivity, thereby maintaining client satisfaction and your firm’s profitability.

With Precise’s legal project management services, your firm will benefit from an experienced partner who can help you overcome eDiscovery obstacles.

The Evolution of eDiscovery

Discovery has traditionally been the most expensive and time-consuming part of litigation, causing litigators to continually search for more efficient ways to manage the process. But discovery has come a long way from junior lawyers reviewing boxes of documents: now, terabytes of data need to be processed.

While the price of eDiscovery has gone down in recent years, overall costs continue to skyrocket. That is due to the growing popularity of personal electronic devices, driving electronically stored information (ESI) to an all time high, with no end to the growth in sight. This is particularly true in the United States, which represents 80% of the global eDiscovery market.

The problems created by rapidly evolving technology are recognized by the court. Adopted in 1934, the Federal civil rules of procedure have been infrequently revised. However, they have been amended twice since 2006, specifically to address issues raised by ESI.

eDiscovery and Legal Project Management

Since eDiscovery has a set of regularized, repeatable, and measurable practices, it can benefit from the application of project management principles. As a relatively new field, legal project management is flexible enough to adapt to the ever changing needs of eDiscovery.

Legal project management can help your firm:

  • Maintain good relationships with current clients by meeting their growing needs
  • Increase business by allowing you to take on new clients
  • Offer predictable billing, minimizing or eliminating surprise costs
  • Increase profitability by reducing costs and streamlining workflows
  • Deliver efficient, quality services to clients
  • Manage risk by partnering with a company experienced in securing data

Next week, we will continue our discussion of how legal project management helps law firms gain control over the eDiscovery process.

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