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Photo: Indiana Humanities, Flickr Creative Commons

Imagine this: Closing arguments have finished and the jury has left to deliberate. You await the verdict, confident in the outcome. Your case was cut and dry, your experts were well-spoken and persuasive, and the jurors were attentive during your closing statement. Then the jury returns with their verdict – against your client. You are stunned. Where did you go wrong? Then you find out the jurors were turned off by the testimony of one witness. If only you hadn’t called that one witness to the stand, your case was a lock. But there was no way you could have known… was there?

The Next Step in Jury Research

Lawyers have been using mock juries to gain valuable insight into potential jurors’ minds for decades, but the expense and time involved restrict their use to large law firms and high-value cases. The results of these mock juries were also limited to their particular groups. You may have invested money and resources into a mock jury, only to end up at trial with a jury representing completely different demographics.

That is why we launched Predict™, a jury research tool that applies the science of statistics to litigation to predict results. With Predict, we leverage the accuracy of statistical analysis of known demographic groups to provide you with reliable predictions about how any population will respond to a particular set of facts. By using both psychological and demographic analysis, Predict helps you discover how a prospective juror might respond to the various aspects of your case. This can cover broad topics – such as case valuation – down to specifics – such as how they will respond to the testimony of a particular witness.

In the words of one of our clients, “Predict showed me case weaknesses I hadn’t seen, and alerted me to potential jurors that I needed to de-select.” Predict allows you to rework your case and refine your case strategy to determine a potential jury’s opinion. It is the equivalent to having the results of 20 jury verdicts – but for a fraction of the time and cost. Incorporating Predict into our fleet of Wilmington trial support solutions follows our mission to infuse cutting-edge technology and science into the litigation process and help our clients succeed in the courtroom.

Expert Trial Support Services in Wilmington

Since 2000, we have been expanding our services to meet our clients’ needs. Predict is the newest tool in our comprehensive suite of affordable trial support services in Wilmington. From animations and video services to detailed medical illustrations and trial consulting, Precise has you covered. For more information on Predict™ call us today at 866-277-3247.