trial consultants

While attorneys are experts in the law, trial consultants are experts on people. They know how to get into jurors’ heads and how to most effectively present exhibits at trial. Here a few ways to use a trial consultant’s expertise to your advantage.

Developing a Jury Profile Before Trial

With Predict™, our premier jury research tool, we gather the valuable input of mock juries without incurring the high costs or time away from case preparation associated with them. We use psychological and demographic analysis to evaluate how prospective jurors might respond to certain aspects of your case. This information allows you to carefully craft your narrative accordingly, and aids you in the jury selection process.

Case Evaluation

Many attorneys don’t think about hiring a Philadelphia trial consultant until the decision has been made to take the case to trial. However, by then you may have developed tunnel vision in regards to your case narrative, trying to force the evidence to fit your theme on the eve of trial. By hiring a trial consultant early on, they can develop a dynamic multimedia presentation of the evidence that complements your narrative rather than distracting from it. Our consultants work closely with you to fully understand the framework, direction, and scope of the case to help you form the most effective legal and courtroom strategies.

Witness Preparation

We offer video deposition services in which the deponent can interact with exhibits via an LCD telestrator. We can go over testimony and evidence with witnesses, making sure they are familiar and comfortable with the information they are presenting. We also work closely with expert witnesses to craft medical illustrations and animations that clearly demonstrate complex processes, rather than relying solely on expert jargon.

Precise: Expert Jury Consultants in Philadelphia

Trial consultants are an invaluable asset during litigation, from crafting case narrative to developing animations and ensuring they will be admitted. At Precise, we think that technology and expert services should never be cost prohibitive. We offer affordable solutions, no matter the size of your firm or case. While some firms offer trial support as a secondary service, it’s our specialty. We provide trial support services for plaintiff and defense attorneys in local and federal courts across the country. Our Philadelphia trial consultants have decades of experience in providing all the technical resources and consultative support you need for trial, regardless of location.

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