EDiscovery litigation

Many people view eDiscovery litigation as a very cut and dry field: the data is the data, and you are simply identifying what needs to be produced or reviewed, along with the most efficient manner in which to do so. However, upon closer examination, legal e-discovery is far from straightforward: “deleted” data may not really be gone forever, hard drives may be damaged and in need of repair, third-party apps may be hiding valuable information, and so on. Likewise, eDiscovery litigation support teams often need to think “outside the box” in order to successfully uncover all the data that is pertinent to your case.

Traits of a Great eDiscovery Litigation Team

  • Clear communication – You may think this goes without saying, but good communication is often assumed rather than verified. We tend to take it for granted that a company will have clear communication – until we place a call to customer support. A good eDiscovery litigation team can communicate easily and clearly with litigators who may be unfamiliar with the tools and lingo of the industry. At Precise, our experts can explain technical concepts in a way that is easy to grasp, which can be crucial at trial.
  • A thorough understanding of data – To lower costs, some litigators try to use their local computer guy to perform a digital forensics inspection. However, there is a big difference between someone who simply repairs computers and someone who does eDiscovery litigation for a living. There are specific protocols and procedures that must be followed to avoid spoliation of data. They must also be familiar with a wide variety of devices and systems, from phones and personal devices to third-party apps and ghost data.
  • The ability to solve problems – No two eDiscovery investigations are alike, and almost all encounter roadblocks of some kind: hard drives or devices may not be in the condition expected, data may be damaged or encrypted, etc. Troubleshooting is an everyday part of eDiscovery litigation, and it is a skill that requires both practice and a strong foundation of knowledge and experience. Our digital forensics team is skilled at finding solutions and can handle any curveball that is thrown at them.

Precise: the eDiscovery Litigation Experts

Since 2000, Precise has been leading the way in eDiscovery litigation support. From our eDiscovery managed services to full digital forensics investigations, we can meet all of your firm’s eDiscovery needs. Call us today at 866-277-324 to learn more.