Document review Pittsburgh

When it comes to document review, Pittsburgh attorneys often fall victim to one of two mistakes: 1) Performing review without a plan or 2) trying to do it all themselves. With expert document review services from Precise, you can overcome both.

Performing Review Without a Plan

Some attorneys feel that Pittsburgh document review is straightforward and therefore they can just “wing it.” But with document review technology reaching new levels of efficiency, courts are cracking down on subpar review. Since adopting the FRCP amendments, courts have admonished parties for:

  • Discovering new documents that were not in the original collection
  • Amassing high costs due to inefficient discovery methods
  • Missing documents that should have been produced originally

Having a clear path from collection through production will help you justify your methods, ensure accuracy and avoid sanctions.

Trying to Do It All Yourself

Review no longer consists of long, unglamorous hours crammed among towering boxes of documents. As review tools become more advanced, senior attorneys are finding it easier to immerse themselves in Pittsburgh document review. As experts on the subject matter of the case, they are in the best position to review the most pertinent documents – especially if predictive coding is used.

However, to truly get the most from document review platforms, it takes someone with advanced training and skill to navigate them. Being intimately familiar with the software allows these experts to process documents quickly and efficiently, dramatically decreasing the time and cost associated with document review in Pittsburgh. When the subject matter experts work alongside the technology experts, document review reaches its highest levels of efficiency and accuracy.

Precise: Pittsburgh’s Document Review Experts

Precise’s document review experts in Pittsburgh are with you from collection through production, ensuring speed, efficiency and accuracy.

  • Collection: Our certified forensic experts help you identify, collect, analyze, cull and retrieve all potentially relevant ESI. Reducing the amount of information collected helps save time and money during review. We also ensure the proper collection of data, avoiding unnecessary spoliation risks. And should you require a thorough digital forensic investigation or expert testimony, Precise is there.
  • Processing: With EDT’s end-to-end platform, our project managers streamline workflows and quickly ingest and produce your ESI, substantially lowering your total discovery costs. Our expertise in search and data culling helps eliminate irrelevant data, further saving time and money.
  • Review: Often the most expensive and time-consuming phase of litigation, review doesn’t have to be overwhelming. With Precise, we help you rein in the review process to a manageable level.

Call Precise today at 866-277-3247 for more information about our Pittsburgh document review.