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Advances in technology haven’t always been greeted so enthusiastically as they are today. A notable example is Thomas Edison’s electric light bulb. An 1878 British Parliament Committee condescendingly remarked that Edison’s bulb was “good enough for our Transatlantic friends… but unworthy of the attention of practical or scientific men.” But Edison had the last laugh as just four decades later electricity would become commonplace throughout British homes.

In the 43 years since the invention of the personal computer, we have seen technology rapidly advance to produce smartphones, tablets, laptops, fitbits, ipods, and more. And this technological expansion has spilled over into courtroom presentations. Wilmington, DE attorneys have been taking advantage of technology to communicate with jurors more effectively than ever. If you are still relying on outdated courtroom presentation methods, here are four ways Precise can bring your law firm into the future.

4 Ways Technology has Revolutionized Courtroom Presentations

  1. Trial graphics – Gone are the days of posterboard and overhead projectors: modern trial graphics are created by skilled graphic artists on powerful computers. These graphics help jurors focus on key themes and evidence, holding their attention and helping improve recall. Modern trial graphics can be as simple or detailed as your case requires.
  2. Animations – For better or worse, modern technology has fundamentally changed how jurors process and retain information. Digital information is almost entirely visual, which is appealing because the majority of people are visual learners. It is also instantaneous, providing information at the tap of a screen. Trial animations allow you to quickly and clearly deliver vital information to the jury. From accident reconstruction to medical procedures, animations help jurors visualize and retain information that can be difficult to communicate orally.
  3. Video depositions – In a world where our social interactions are increasingly digital rather than face-to-face, video is a powerful medium to capture interest and relay information. A cost-effective alternative to live expert testimony, video depositions can also be played back during jury deliberations. Additionally, they feature Picture-In-Picture technology, allowing witnesses to interact with exhibits on the screen in real-time, giving greater clarity to their testimony.
  4. Equipment – At Precise, we provide all the cutting-edge equipment you need for a powerful courtroom presentation, from projection screens to preview monitors to touchscreens. Our technicians tailor each set-up to your individual needs and run the equipment with expert ease. We offer a complete “mobile office”: never worry again about being without a crucial piece of evidence. Our set-up allows you to print, scan, and handle remote documents via the internet.

Precise Provides Powerful Courtroom Presentations – Wilmington, DE

In order to effectively communicate with the jury, lawyers must present their case in a manner congruent with how jurors absorb and retain information. If you need to upgrade your courtroom presentations, Wilmington, DE based Precise is here to help. Call us today at 866-277-3247.