Trial consulting services

Most attorneys don’t hesitate to hire experts – particularly medical experts – if the case calls for it, because they understand how these experts add value to the case. However, when it comes to trial consulting services, these same lawyers can fail to see the immense value trial consultants bring to a case. A good trial consulting service can mean the difference between winning and losing, or a significant difference in the amount of damages awarded.

Understanding Attribution Theory

One of the greatest assets of a trial consulting service is that they understand the psychology of how jurors assign blame. Attribution Theory states that people use two categories to determine the cause of an event: external causes and internal causes. External causes originate outside the actor and are situational or environmental. Internal causes come from within the actor.

For example, consider a car accident that takes place on a rainy day. The driver will likely assign blame to external conditions – such as low visibility and standing water – rather than their own driving. Someone who was injured in the accident is likely to cite internal causes – the driver was going too fast for the conditions – as the cause.

Knowing whether jurors will fault the actor or their environment is crucial to building a defense. It affects everything from case narrative to which experts are called to which evidence is shown to how demonstratives are developed.

Trial Consulting Services Get You From A to Z

Trial consulting services help you with every aspect of your case, including:

  • Preparing difficult witnesses for depositions; teaching them the job of a deponent as well as the tool and techniques to effectively do that job. We also offer video depositions with picture-in-picture technology that increases the clarity and effectiveness of their testimony.
  • Discovering and create themes for trial; develop case narrative.
  • Jury research to help gauge the effectiveness of themes, witnesses and demonstratives; determine settlement value; test the impact of and obtain feedback on certain evidence; and help with jury selection.
  • Developing demonstratives
  • Setting up and running all necessary equipment in the courtroom

Trial consulting services should be viewed as another way to add value to your case. By specializing in jury psychology, demonstratives, and the latest technology, trial consultants will help you present the best version of your case and get the best results for your clients.

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