trial animation

A screenshot from a product liability animation

One of the most effective ways to boost juror retention of important evidence and case narrative is through the use of animations. The average American spends 11+ hours a day consuming digital media, which has both shortened our attention spans and changed how we consume and process information. Animations harness these facts to your advantage, but attorneys often don’t know the most effective way to leverage this powerful tool.

Most attorneys think that waiting until the last minute to start animation development will reduce trial costs. Instead, this approach can actually decrease the impact an animation would have on the case. There are three reasons why you should start your animation early:

  1. Case theory – Animations are often viewed as a trial component, but they can play a critical role even earlier in the case lifecycle. For example, they can be beneficial in the development of case theory. Expert animations can provide insight to key issues that aren’t readily apparent in documents and reports. These insights can bring both positive and negative details to light, helping the case team choose the most favorable case theory to present to the jury.
  2. Settlement opportunity – Another benefit of developing animations early is to use them as leverage during settlement negotiations. Both sides want to avoid the cost and uncertainty of trial, and animations can be a very powerful and persuasive method to coax a settlement. For plaintiff attorneys, including animations in your settlement packages can increase both the frequency and value of settlements.
    We provided an animation for a product liability case involving a small construction vehicle. The animation was presented during settlement talks and demonstrated two things: the mechanism of injury and an alternative design that would have prevented the injury. After opposing counsel and insurance representatives saw the animation, they agreed to a healthy settlement. Not only was the matter settled in the client’s favor, but by settling the case early there were considerable cost savings.
  3. Allow for the creative process – Simply put, animations take time to create. The creative process itself takes time, especially to ensure your animation will be admitted. A complex piece can take weeks to put together, and waiting until the eve of trial hampers the animator’s ability to craft a compelling animation. You may also accrue rush fees that increase the animation’s cost.

Precise: Offering Expert Animations at Affordable Rates

While it is important to start planning early for animations, you are not restricted to local services. Animations are not dependent on face-to-face meetings for design and creation, which means our expert forensic animators can provide you with powerful animations whether you’re in California or Nebraska. View examples of our animations or contact us at for more information on how our animations can make the Precise difference in your litigation.