Screen Shot 2016-06-21 at 4.07.03 PMScreenshot from an auto accident animation

According to a recent survey, you would have an easier time presenting your case to a tank of goldfish than to the average human. That’s because in the 16 years since the rise of smartphones, the average human attention span has fallen from 12 seconds to 8 seconds, while goldfish have maintained an attention span of 9 seconds. Suddenly “having the memory of a goldfish” doesn’t sound so bad.

The study, performed by technology giant Microsoft, found that participants who lead more digital lifestyles “struggle to focus in environments where prolonged attention is needed” – such as a courtroom. Combine this with the fact that 65% of the population is visual learners and that the average American spends 11 hours a day on digital media, and you can see why juror retention of information can be a problem.

Animations can help bridge this information retention gap as they visually engage the audience and help convey complex facts in an easy-to-digest manner. Images, examples, and repetition are all keys to improved memory, and animations effectively incorporate these keys in a digital package that the average juror finds appealing.

But how can you be sure your well-crafted animation will be deemed admissible? For animations to be admitted into evidence they must be validated by expert or witness testimony. This validation process begins during the earliest stages of animation development. By using expert and/or witness input during information gathering and draft review, the animator can begin creating the animation with confidence. Failure to get this crucial input could cause significant and costly last-minute revisions; or worse, could result in the animation being thrown out due to lack of authentication.

If you want to be sure the jury will retain the crucial information of your case, you need to incorporate animations into your presentation. Precise has been assisting lawyers for over 16 years with a wide array of animation, graphics, and video services. Whether your case is in Oklahoma or Oregon, our expert forensic animator can develop the images and animations necessary for a successful presentation.

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