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Screenshot of blood flow animation

A successful litigation often comes down to how persuasively you can explain your theory of what happened. You call on experts and witnesses to testify and present photographs, documents, charts and graphs to illustrate your point. But how do you bring all that information together to clearly and compellingly make your case?

One of the best solutions is 3D animation. Nothing is better at enhancing the visualization and understanding of what happened. Animations bring the viewer to the scene of the incident and allow them to look inside something they can’t ordinarily see – such as inside a mechanism or the human body – to understand how these things function, which is often crucial to presenting your case.

Animations can be created to show:

  • an architectural rendering or construction scene
  • medical procedures
  • auto accidents
  • work injury
  • product liability or design
  • or any combination of the above

We also have interactive animations that allow you to highlight specific areas and elements of a scenario.

Animations don’t just help you recreate the scene; they can also show the implications of events. The screenshot below shows how an animation not only recreated the accident, but also demonstrated how the injuries were sustained.

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Animations have a wide range of uses and applications. You can show a judge and jury what is happening inside an object, structure, or person’s body. In medical malpractice cases, you can demonstrate how a drug has internally affected specific organs, or show how a pin or screw was improperly placed. In product liability cases, you can explore the inner workings of machinery and the implications of a product failure. Regardless of the subject matter, animations are often the only way to clearly portray internal structures and processes.

Attorneys commonly view animations as appropriate only for “big” cases headed to trial, implying they aren’t worth the investment in smaller cases that are likely to settle. However, animations might cost less than you think, since they are fully scalable and are as simple or as complex as desired. More importantly, animations pay for themselves by greatly enhancing your case. The best-prepared case is the one that is most likely to settle with optimal results. And if the case isn’t settled, you are that much more prepared for trial.

Precise offers Expert Animations in Philadelphia

Precise’s graphic artists bring expert reports, drawings, photos and operative reports to life with detailed 3D animations. We will work with you to craft compelling animation that will bring your trial presentation to the next level. Put Precise’s expertise to work for you, and gain a competitive advantage with our full array of Philadelphia trial support services.

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