Philadelphia-Regional Office

Sean Dennin
Sean DenninCEO
I have been part of the Precise family since 2014. I help law firms level the playing field by ensuring our company is in the best position to provide attorneys with the resources they need so they are never technologically outmatched. My 15+ years of experience delivering quality I.T. services to the legal community has helped me develop powerful managed e-discovery packages with a well-defined scope that will provide a huge cost advantage to our clients.

My favorite part of working for Precise is the culture of the firm. Precise expects excellence from all our employees and we reward them with a flexible work schedule and the ability to be creative within their various roles. Teamwork, commitment, flexibility, and a do-whatever-it-takes attitude are just a few of the attributes possessed by Precise employees.

When I’m not working hard at Precise, I like to go on weekend family adventures with my wife and three boys or hit the mats for some Brazilian Jiu Jitsu training.