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Over the past several years the eDiscovery market has changed drastically. Workflows that previously required multiple software platforms have been consolidated into end-to-end solutions. The early case assessment (ECA) features have improved dramatically. At the same time, data is being created at rates no one could have predicted. This has caused firms to deal with incredibly large data sets and very large eDiscovery bills. These expenses drive up the overall cost of litigation and puts cost pressure on the firm which often results in the loss of billable hours.

While the cost of processing has come down significantly over the years, the growth in data sets typically offsets these savings. The traditional eDiscovery model is broken due to the fact that many vendors depend on per GB processing fees to survive. There is no incentive to fully utilize the power of today’s software platforms as culling down the data as much as possible before incurring processing fees disrupts the revenue model in which most vendors are built on.

This is why Precise has shifted towards offering our eDiscovery services through a managed services program. With managed services, your firm can significantly reduce the overall expense of eDiscovery for your clients while benefiting from streamlined processes and workflows. Per GB processing fees are eliminated and you can provide your clients with a predictable monthly expense. Our highly skilled project managers are available to our managed services clients when needed. Precise managed services packages range from smaller commitments, suitable for a single matter, to multi-terabyte packages that can be utilized across multiple practice groups in your firm. To learn more about how you can save significant time and money by implementing a manages services program, please fill out the short form below and a representative from Precise will be in touch.

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Precise, Inc. has partnered with EDT to offer law firms eDiscovery Managed Services.

  • Reduce eDiscovery expenses by up to 50%

  • Implement streamlined processes and workflow

  • Meet your clients’ compliance and regulation standards by hosting in our state-of-the-art data center facilities

  • Gain a competitive edge by offering your clients better options for handling eDiscovery

  • Start small and scale your environment with your demands

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“Precise enabled me not only to provide the answers to the discovery, they gave me the tools necessary to organize it, package it, and file it with ease.”

“Precise taught us how to ‘talk the talk and walk the walk.’ I will always be grateful that Precise made this massive endeavor seem like a regular day at the office.”

“The quality of customer service and work product always exceeds our expectations…they are the best.”

“The team at Precise is responsive, talented and very reliable.”