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Today’s business environment is forcing law firm leaders to explore new ways to leverage their core strengths. Change can be risky and expensive. Our expertise in both technology and process design offers a structured approach to uncovering areas that are keeping firms from reaching their potential.

Unravel progress-limiting inefficiencies in your case workflow.

Establishing any meaningful change requires process.

We’ve designed the steps of our advisory services process to clearly communicate the details of the collaborative effort necessary to bring value to our clients. Our strategy is comprehensive and systematic and will guide you through realigning the strengths of your firm efficiently and effectively.

Precise Litigation Workflow Reboot

Step 1: Set Goals

Initial consultation with key stake holders to establish specific objectives. Our experience allows us to start with a sturdy framework for your plan, but each firm is unique with its own opportunities for improvement and the goals will reflect that.

Step 2: Conduct Interviews

Firm will designate key personnel to be interviewed by our consultants. This step allows us to identify disconnected processes by learning about the current methods of information handling, and the time involved in tasks and activities.

Step 3: Gather Information

During the interview process, our team will identify the firm’s resources in terms of hardware or software, outsourced support, and storage. This inventory highlights what assets may be underutilized as well which key components are missing.

Step 4: Establish Report System

We’ll collaboratively determine a reporting “rhythm” to clearly communicate progress status and eliminate stall-outs that prevent meeting each goal within our agreed-upon timeframe.

Step 5: Analyze Progress

We’re now in a position to review original goals and make sure they are still appropriate. We make any necessary adjustments based on new information that has been brought to light. This step allows us to confirm that our collective efforts will have the best possible outcome for your firm.

Step 6: Design Plan

Now that we know where we want to be, what is holding us back, and how we can get there, we can successfully design a plan. Here we will lay out the necessary path and identify any required purchases or immediate process changes.

Step 7: Implement Plan

Precise will move forward with training, coordination of software evaluation, and connecting with required 3rd-party resources, if required.

Step 8: Measure Progress

Once the plan is in place, we systematically measure results. Is the plan working as you expected? If not, we identify where the breakdown is occurring, and adjust and continue to drive positive change.

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“Very well organized and spot on with what law firms need to focus on.”

“The team at Precise is very knowledgeable on the subject and accurately identified areas that need to be addressed internally at the firm.”

“Very insightful and in line with our need/desire to set up processes in the firm.”

“Excellent insights with proven results.”