Hard Drive Recovery: Uncovering Hidden Data

Generally when people use the term "hard drive recovery," they are referring to a hard drive that has suffered physical damage or failure, or has encountered a software problem that prevents it from running properly. However, hard drive recovery in Philadelphia is also performed on devices that are still operational. That is because hard drives store [...]

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Why Data Recovery Needs an Expert Touch

With technology so abundant in our daily lives, there will inevitably come a time where you need data recovery services in Philadelphia. Perhaps water spilled on your client's laptop, frying the motherboard. Or perhaps a witness pulled a Tom Brady and destroyed their cell phone, which contained key evidence. Whatever the circumstance, you need to recover that [...]

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IT Support in the Courtroom from Precise

In today's electronics-obsessed society, jurors are expecting a slick, technologically savvy presentation. If your presentation isn't engaging and memorable, you may lose the case, even if it seemed bulletproof. That is why Precise offers a full range of Philadelphia trial support services aimed at helping you craft a powerhouse presentation: trial consultants jury research tools [...]

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Enhancing eDiscovery with Managed Services from Precise

As the world of eDiscovery keeps changing, many law firms are finding it advantageous to opt for managed services rather than the traditional eDiscovery model. Managed services allow parts of the eDiscovery process (including infrastructure, hosting, processing, and project management) to be outsourced to an experienced Pittsburgh IT consultant. Law firms with multiple locations acquire [...]

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What Every Lawyer Should Know About Legal eDiscovery

Photo: William Warby, Flickr Creative Commons Legal eDiscovery has been around for over 10 years, but many in the legal field still don't fully understand the eDiscovery process or how to properly handle ESI (Electronically Stored Information). Why is it important to understand legal eDiscovery? Most importantly, FRCP (Federal Rules of Civil Procedure) and state court rules [...]

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Case Narrative and the Rule of Seven

Photo: pointnshoot, Flickr Creative Commons If you are familiar with marketing, you’ve likely heard the phrase, “the Rule of Seven.” It’s an old marketing adage that means someone has to see or hear your message at least seven times before it sinks in. How does this apply to case narrative? The process of getting jurors to understand [...]

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Working With a Philadelphia Medical Illustrator

A few weeks ago we talked about the need for Philadelphia medical illustrations at trial, and why textbook and medical images aren’t enough to make your case to the jury. But a medical illustration is only as good as the illustrator behind it. An illustration has to recreate the severity of an injury without crossing the line into [...]

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Getting Inside the Mind of the Jury

Photo: Indiana Humanities, Flickr Creative Commons Imagine this: Closing arguments have finished and the jury has left to deliberate. You await the verdict, confident in the outcome. Your case was cut and dry, your experts were well-spoken and persuasive, and the jurors were attentive during your closing statement. Then the jury returns with their verdict [...]

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Bring Testimony to Life With Trial Animations from Precise

Screenshot from our intubation animation Imagine you are working on a medical malpractice case involving complications from a misplaced breathing tube. You call your expert to the stand and ask them to tell the jury how to properly intubate (place a breathing tube in) a patient. The expert proceeds to tell the jury: “If you're [...]

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