Philadelphia-Regional Office

Kim Faust
Kim FaustSenior Trial Consultant
I have been part of the Precise family since 2011. I help law firms level the playing field by seamlessly blending in to my clients’ trial teams and incorporating my strong work ethic, efficiency and understanding to assist in achieving our ultimate goal. My technical skills, legal services knowledge, and life experience have proved valuable in my role.

My favorite part of working for Precise is how every day and every case is different and unique (which makes for great experiences). It allows me to feel challenged, learn new things, and establish new client relationships as well as strengthen existing ones. The client relationships I have gained have been one of the biggest benefits of my job as a trial consultant and what makes my job worthwhile. Also, the traveling opportunities (even some last minute) can be a lot of fun!

When I’m not working hard at Precise, I like to be active outdoors and I always have the travel itch. Whether it’s exploring new cities, running for fun, being on the water, or hiking through our national parks, I am the most content and happy doing any of these things.