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John Roche, CFCE, EnCE
John Roche, CFCE, EnCEComputer Forensics Examiner
I have been part of the Precise family since 2016. I help law firms level the playing field by providing advice, guidance and information in matters of digital evidence. In addition, I conduct computer forensic analysis on digital evidence and offer courtroom testimony as a subject matter expert.

My favorite part about working for Precise is having the opportunity to find that elusive and latent key item of information that the client needs to prevail in their case—that final piece of the puzzle, if you will. Every case I get to work is another chance to pursue that “aha” moment.

When I’m not working hard at Precise, I like to build excessively large Lego sets with my six-year old, weight train, bike ride along the Montour Trail, practice marksmanship and scuba dive (when I get the chance).