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Erica J. Godish
Erica J. GodishSenior Trial Consultant
I have been part of the Precise family since 2013. I help law firms level the playing field by using my creativity and graphic-design skills to create various forms of visual aids and demonstratives for use at trial. I enjoy observing the actions of the jury throughout the course of a trial with an open mind so I may provide fresh insights and offer strategic advice.

My favorite part of working for Precise is truly feeling like I am a member of not only a team but a work family too. At the end of the work day, we enjoy spending more time together attending sports events, working out, or kayaking. We each support and are happy for one another’s accomplishments, and I think that enables us to be even more successful.

When I’m not working hard at Precise, I like to spend time with my fiancé and our Morkie, Mayonnaise, playing fetch at the dog park, walking the river trails, and exploring outside. I have a passion for restoring and building furniture, shopping for antiques, and throwing pottery. I’ve always been described as a “tough cookie.” For that I blame growing up in a family of mostly boys and as well as my interest in mixed martial arts, specifically Kung Fu and Muay Thai.